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Kim Bryant HR


Providing a bespoke H.R. solution for you and your business


Kim Bryant HR 

providing a bespoke H.R. solution for you and your business

Why use an H.R. Consultant ?



An H.R. Consultant is an inexpensive alternative for handling your H.R. issues


Your business can benefit from the expertise of experienced high level human resources professionals without the cost of paying a full time salary and overheads


You can utilize specific expertise when it is needed. Most H.R. consultants have many years of practical experience and can bring with them a fresh, unbiased look at your organisation and offer solutions to your employee issues.


You will get a flexible solution to fit your needs and budget


H.R. consultants are used to 'hitting the ground running',  quickly building up key relationships, establishing credibility quickly and getting on with the job in hand.


People issues are very time consuming - my support may not give you time to put your feet up, but it will give you more time to manage your business

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